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Established in 1937, Myers Equipment Corp. has been a cornerstone in the school bus industry for decades. Founder Paul E. Myers took his Reo Motor Car dealership in Youngstown, Ohio and put the company on the map as a leader in the busing market. With the development of an all-steel school bus body in the 1930's, Myers was able to lead from the front when he paired with Carpenter Body Works out of Mitchell, Indiana as Myers Equipment would sell the Carpenter name for the next 59 years.

Myers Equipment transitioned itself into the company you see today by adding various product lines throughout the years that include commercial buses, ambulances, and truck equipment. Owned and operated by the third and four generations, Myers Equipment houses over 40 full-time employees and continues to grow as a leading distributor for all of your busing needs with over 80 years of traditions and experience.

Together, Myers Bus Parts and Myers Equipment are able to cover every aspect of your new or used bus fleet needs.

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